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Top 8 Reasons To Choose RE/MAX Franchise

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why Choose RE/MAX INDIA Reasons 8
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RE/MAX advantage for Succeeding as an
Entrepreneur in REAL ESTATE

RE/MAX India is the part of World’s Largest Real Estate Network Brand RE/MAX Global. As an Entrepreneur, you have to manage and do every little task yourself and that is a very hectic procedure. RE/MAX India provides the best services and support to our REAL ESTATE Partners. We provide our partners with advanced technology and offer support from Key Account Managers, Marketing experts to assist with Lead Generation through digital and print media with exclusive partnership, Branding, and HR Support for starting or re-establishing your business.With RE/MAX India, Start Strong and Achieve Your Real Estate Goals.

The 3 Pillars of the RE /MAX India Approach

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Innovation is the key to success. At RE/MAX, we come up with new technology to make our customer's life hassle-free.

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The biggest hurdle in investment is the process of transactions. At RE/MAX we have solved that problem with our best-in-class team and their knowledge

Pillars of the RE/MAX Agent


The best-trained executives work for RE/MAX. Our professionals are assisting our customers in making the greatest investments thanks to their expert understanding of the market.

We help provide best investment opportunities in compelling ways:

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Global Network
A network spreads across 110+ countries and territories and reaches new places daily. Our network works as a path to grow your business globally. With RE/MAX, you can buy, sell, or lease any property in the world.

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KAM Support
With specialized Sales Assistance from Key Account Managers from RE/MAX India and up-to-date training from Real Estate Experts, you can multiply your revenue exponentially.


Lead Assistance
With the support of the Meta and Google Exclusive Partnership Program, our expert marketing team will assist you in generating leads across all major digital platforms as well as print media in India

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Tools & Technology
RE/MAX India uses advanced technology, including their in-house lead management CRM "GENIE" and the JustDo-Task Management App, to keep everything organized and facilitate communication among agents.

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 RE/MAX Franchise


As a market leader in the real estate sector, RE/MAX is committed to providing the best customer service and achieving excellence across all business activities. The organization  nurtures a culture among its partners that encourages cooperation, communication, innovation, and value creation.RE/MAX makes investments in advanced technology to improve the effectiveness and caliber of its services. However, the commitment and knowledge of its Broker Owners and Associates represent its genuine strength.They are also the cornerstone of the business's success and the inspiration behind its capacity to offer clients first-rate service.

"I have been a part of the RE/MAX India team for several years now and have been consistently impressed with the level of support and resources provided to me as an agent. The advanced technology, such as the in-house lead management CRM "GENIE" and the JustDO-Task management app, have made my job so much more efficient and streamlined."
Bhaskar Dey - Mumbai
"The support from key account managers and regular training from real estate experts has helped me to expand my business and increase my revenue. RE/MAX India's global network, lead assistance and exclusive partnerships have also allowed me to connect with clients both locally and internationally. I highly recommend RE/MAX India to anyone looking for a successful career in real estate.""
Sumit Bhagat - Pune
"I have had an amazing four years at RE/MAX. The brand is well-respected and trusted by both local and international clients, which has helped us to attract clients and developers. The office atmosphere is lively and healthy, and the knowledge and support provided by the experts is phenomenal. Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with my experience at RE/MAX."
Saurin Parikh - Ahmedabad
"At RE/MAX India, agents receive the resources necessary to achieve success, including advanced technology and comprehensive training programs. The organization values professionalism, integrity, innovation, and collaboration, making it a top franchise choice. It has been a pleasure to work with such a fantastic team committed to excellence."
Abhishek Mohanty - Bhubaneswar Odisha
"RE/MAX India stands out for its dedication to equipping Business Owners with the necessary resources for success. With advanced technology and comprehensive training programs, BOs can thrive and reach their full potential. The organization prioritizes professionalism, integrity, innovation, and collaboration, making it a top choice for anyone seeking a franchise. It has been a pleasure working with such a fantastic franchise team."
Md. Kazimuddin - Hyderabad
"I highly recommend RE/MAX India for their advanced technology, specialized support, training, and lead generation assistance. They have helped me increase my revenue and stay organized."
Subham - Lucknow
"As a BA, I strongly recommend RE/MAX India for its professionalism, transparency, and innovation. Their advanced technology and data analytics allow agents to provide better service to clients. The team prioritizes excellence in all aspects of the business, making it a pleasure to work with them."
Meghna - Thane Mumbai
"As business analysts, we are impressed with RE/MAX India's culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Their dedication to providing agents with the tools and resources for success, along with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, make them a top choice for anyone seeking a real estate franchise."
Shekhar - Coimbatore
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